Professional Objective

I seek out emerging opportunities and act on them.
In search of exciting new challenges, I am pursuing chief executive, operations, strategy, marketing, and sales roles within and beyond the insurance industry. I am also interested in board, consulting, and advisory roles. Ideal opportunities require bold and pragmatic leadership to navigate uncertainty, energize cultures, and create new value. I excel in remote and hybrid environments. For primarily office-based roles, ideal locations are based in the Chicago/Midwest region.

Career Summary

Senior officer in a global insurance and financial service corporation.
Currently, I am Senior Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, and Performance for BCS Financial. Privately held by all Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, BCS produces $750M annually and owns/operates insurance and reinsurance companies in all 50 states and Bermuda. During my tenure as the senior marketing officer, we increased product penetration 233%, grew revenue from $486M to $750M (+39%), and earned an “A” rating upgrade by AM Best. I have earned 9 promotions under three CEO’s since joining BCS in 2005.

Proficient in mergers & acquisitions, venture capital, and board governance.
Throughout my career I have contributed to four mergers & acquisitions, advised three venture capital funds, and served on four corporate and volunteer boards. While with BCS, I also collaborated with 40+ Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan CEO’s via our Board.

Skilled in technology, real estate, and government.

At Z Financial, I improved real estate investment efficiency and productivity 4x by developing a new central management system. With the State of Illinois, I oversaw the 2000 legislative redistricting cycle and centrally coordinated 24 political campaigns.

Lifelong learner educated by leading academic & development programs.
I hold a Masters of Business Administration Degree from DePaul University and a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University. I have also completed Wharton and Kellogg executive development programs and I’m currently a Vistage executive group member.

Ideal Opportunities

Transforming an organization as President or Chief Executive Officer.
Drawing on BCS executive experience, I offer a balanced leadership style in building new strategies, executing project plans, improving cultures, and delivering results.

Leading a division or private equity venture as Chief Operating Officer.
Leveraging my experience as Ancilyze President, I bring a steadfast focus to solving problems, executing plans, managing costs, and producing margins.

Repositioning a company as Chief Strategy or Marketing Officer.
Utilizing lessons learned launching Ancilyze and re-branding BCS, I excel and thrive at “starting from scratch” by generating curiosity, creativity, vision, and execution.

Growing marketshare as a Chief Sales, Revenue, or Growth Officer.
Pulling from my success in product positioning and B2B selling, I possess the ability to manage the sale of tangible products, intangible concepts, and M&A opportunities.

Guiding a company and its leadership as a Consultant or Board Member.
Employing my 10+ years of governance experience with boards and commissions,
I provide comprehensive board oversight as well as individualized executive coaching.